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Stage 1

Inform the total number of students admitted in the Institute to NFSE Office, New Delhi. before August 30. Based on this information, registration and examination forms will be sent to the institute.

Stage 2

Register the students at NFSE Office, New Delhi by filling up the Registration and Examination forms sent by NFSE, before September 30, along with the following fees, in the form of Online , in favour of "NFSE INDIA" The same can be done up to October 30, with late fine Rs. 100/- per student. Amount for all students can be taken as a single DD. Record Note can be collected either in courier by sending courier charges or by collecting in person.

Registration & Examination Fee

For India

For Other Countries

For Six Month Diploma Courses:

Rs. 3500 Per Student

100 USD including Registration & Examination fee & Record note fee

For One Year Diploma


Rs. 4500 Per Student

MANDATORY: NFSE Record note to be purchased for practical examination for every paper of each course. For example, one course which has four papers, four NFSE record note to be purchased (Compulsory). One NFSE Record note is Rs. 100/- (Rupees one hundred only). Courier charge Rs. 50/- per record note. So Rs. 600/- to be added with above Rs.3500/-. In case of School & Category courses, Rs 4500/- in case of Specialised courses. 

All fee can be remitted with single Demand Draft

Stage 3

NFSE Record Notes, Answer Booklets, students Exam Covers, ID cards, Examination Hall Tickets, and Student Assessment form will be delivered to the institute before December 30. If you do not receive after December 30, Please call NFSE INDIA OFFICE, New Delhi and check your position. Student Assessment form to be reached to NFSE INDIA, New Delhi before February 2022. After that it will not be accepted.

Stage 4

Question papers will be uploaded in the official website www.nfse.in  on April / November 2022. To download the Question papers Please call & collect the Password. Examination will be in the month of April / November 2022. Examination dates are available in Course calendar. It is also available in the NFSE official Website www.nfseresult.in  & www.nfse.in


Stage 5

Examination should be conducted normally, in the Institute itself. External invigilator will be made available.

Stage 6

All answer booklets should be packed perfectly in NFSE cover (student wise) and sent to   NFSE Office, New Delhi, India After completion of all the examinations.

Stage 7

Examination Result will be announced in the month of June. Certificates and mark sheets will be sent to the institute.

Stage 8

All Certificates and mark sheets should be thoroughly checked by the institute authority before distributing it to the students.

Stage 9

Print renewal form (link given in right side box), fill up and attach all the enclosures and send to NFSE INDIA  New Delhi before May 30 every year.

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